Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tanto Tiempo

Hey everybody. I have to admit it's been quite a while since I've been on the blog, I need to be better about that.

AJ and I have some big news. My company offered me a job in the Philippines starting this summer so we will be heading overseas. We'll be there for a year to begin with and we may stay longer. We'll see how things go for now. Needless to say we are super excited. We've known for a while but it only became official on Friday so we decided we can start telling everyone. My company outsources several of our manual processes and I'll be overseeing production over there. It's kind of crazy how things have turned out. I think I was the 12th employee hired just a little over a year ago and now we're up to about 70 employees here in Woodinville and 300+ workers via our providers overseas. It's been really cool to work with such a rapidly growing company. I've learned so much and it's been such a blessing and a great opportunity. If any of you are planning on being in that part of the world in the next year, you'll have a place to stay.

This is a shot of our provider's office where our production staff works. So much nicer than our office here in Woodinville. I won't lie though, they don't get paid as much over there.

This is Eastwood City where our provider is located. It's really nice and has pretty much any kind of food you could ever imagine.