Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wedding & More

Hi Folkmans...

Here are a few wedding pictures from Luke and Lindsay's wedding. We Reckling's are excited to be purchasing our first home. It is a townhouse in Issaquah. (only about 15 minutes from my parents). It's small, but we are excited to be finally getting into a place that is really ours. We close on Thursday, and then we'll be moving in.

Shane's got less than a month left of school, and then he'll be done! He'll be working as a diesel mechanic with one of the local school districts. He's already part-time there and is excited to be there full-time. The end of school is in sight! We can't wait to have a more calm life. We've been called to serve in the Spanish ward in our stake, and are having fun there. Shane, who speaks no Spanish, is spending a lot of time with Emma in Nursery. I'm teaching a class in Spanish, which has been quite challenging, but also fun. We've only been in the ward for a few months, and our new home is just barely outside of the stake. We're bummed to leave, but are also excited to get to know the people in our new ward.

I hope all the pageants went well, we'd love to come out and see you all acting in the future. Maybe we should all have a family reunion next summer back east, so we can catch a show and visit!

Enjoy the rest of your summer,
Love, Carrie