Monday, May 19, 2008

Small World, part 2

I asked a few questions of my brothers, and also of the researcher in Texas who has a copy of Heber Nephi Folkman's missionary journal, and it appears that our cousin Alan's oldest son, Kevin, married an Odom from Texas while he was at BYU. Other members of her family recognized the Folkman name, and Alan apparently provided a copy of HNF's missionary journal to this graduate student who knew the Odom's, which is how he got a copy, and recognized my story about the Galveston hurricane. I still plan on getting a copy of those particular pages to my friend who posts about early Mormons of not such huge importance, but who have fascinating stories anyway. I'll also post those excerpts here for anyone to read. Meanwhile, if you are interested, this is a great book about the whole storm, and how it changed the US Weather Bureau forever.