Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The Folkmans tend to have some nerdy tendencies we just can't shake. For the island Folkmans one of those tendencies is Lost, which happens to be filmed about 30 minutes down the road from us here on Oahu. AJ and I got up really early so as to beat the security guards and snuck onto the set. Below is a photo of Ecko's Church. If you click it, you'll be whisked away to see all of the other fun we had this morning.


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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Menendez News

It's seems like forever since we've talked to any of the Folkman family. So much has happened in the past few years, it's amazing how quickly everyone grows up and moves on. Life seems to never slow down for us. Nick is in seventh grade and loving it. He is a great student, he obviously takes after his dad, last year he won the Hope of America award for being an outstanding student. He plays cello and still likes to do some acting, but mostly his life is all about soccer. Soccer is a year round sport at our house he just finish ODP Olympic Development Program and started immediately into spring season. I'll be glad when he can drive and take himself to all the practices. He is also on the track team and in the concert orchestra at school. Demi is our creative child. She loves to dance and takes from Aunt Lindz. She is a very good writer and hopes to publish one of her stories someday. Demi has a great sense of humor and keeps us laughing most of the time. Demi is also a very good student but does not like to be told that she is. She loves to sew, and has become a favorite babysitter in our neighborhood. She is also in the school choir.They say children are like pancakes, you burn the first two. I think that applies in our family we had to figure things out with the first two making mistakes along the way. Satchell was lucky enough to be born third. He probably gets babied a little more than he should but he is a joy to have around. He started Kindergarten this year and you think I would be happy to have the time to myself but I really miss him when he's gone. He's such an obedient child, with a quiet easy going attitude. He loves riding his bike and playing outside with friends, and playing his DS. He also starred as "Wallace" last year in the Nauvoo pageant. Marcos and I are just about the same, just older. Marcos was made a High Priest last year just to make it more apparent that we are indeed getting older. My health has improved greatly over the past year, and we're hoping that I'm going into remission. I look forward to the day of smaller medical bills. I currently service as the compassionate service leader in our ward.We moved to a new home in Lehi almost three years ago and are in the process of selling and building another one in Lehi. At the same time we are preparing to participate in the cast of the Nauvoo Pageant again this summer. It will be our third year that we have been chosen to participate. It has been a life changing experience for us, Nauvoo had become like a second home. Mom and Dad have also been picked to be in our cast. Dad is a little nervous about performing in front of so many people but he'll do just fine. We will be there June 28th through July 16th. We have also still been performing every year in Savior of the World at the conference center. This past season was our families fifth year, and Satchell was actually able to be in the entire show with us. Mom helped with costuming, I think she really enjoyed it. It's been a blessing to our family to have our children set apart as Performing Service missionaries and be able to bear their testimonies to so many people. Sorry this was so long that's what happens when I don't make the effort to keep in touch. Next time it will be much shorter.Kris

Friday, March 16, 2007

Braegger News

Hello everyone! Our congratulations to Jake & his wife are overdue, so congrats and best wishes on a happy life together. Congrats to Luke as well. It's about time all you NW Folkmans started expanding the family.

It's been awhile since we've posted anything. Maybe it's because we've been buried under 2 feet of snow for 2 1/2 months? The winter storm that fell a few days before Christmas started it all, securing a second-place tie for the longest record of snow cover in Denver. The record is 63 and we had 6o days of consecutive snow cover of at least three inches. In our corner of the suburbs, it was closer to 80 days, as the last patch of snow in our yard just melted last weekend. It was funny to read Uncle Kevin's post awhile back about the bad drivers in Seattle driving in all the snow and ice. Our streets were covered by at least 6 inches of solid ice until mid-February, making Troy the favorite parent because of his ability to do ice doughnuts in his little sedan.

Josh just wrapped up his theatrical debut as one of "The Sons" in the jr. high production of the Fiddler on the Roof. He was a little disappointed that 6th graders couldn't have lead parts, but took his part very seriously and did a great job. The play was 2 1/2 hours long, and no folks, that is NOT including the intermission. Still it was very enjoyable, even with Michael and Sophie laying across our laps like homicide victims toward the end. We can't wait to see what part Josh will get next year.

Zach is busy being a surly teenager and trying to keep from being grounded so he can hang out with his friends, and keeping his grades up so he can get his ipod back. Michael is busy working on his pinewood derby car, and trying not to kiss girls and get in trouble at school (for kissing the girls). Sophie keeps busy by decorating her room when she's supposed to be cleaning it, going to preschool and ballet, and taking care of her babies. I'll let Troy post his own update when he gets time. I've been busy with Cub Scouts. I thought I was off the hook when they released me from Cubmaster, I should have known with all these boys there would be more to come. I am now a District Commissioner, and Program Director for the District Day Camp. This weekend I'm going to "National Camp School". I was hoping to go to Philmont in New Mexico, but instead I'm going locally here in Colorado. I'm so excited about wearing the FULL scout uniform, which is know to be very flattering on women.

Last night we went to see the Denver Brass perform their annual sell-out St Patrick's Day concert. They performed with the Celtic Colorado Pipes & Drums, an Irish Tenor, Scottish and Irish dancers, and a guest fiddler and guitarist. It was a fun event and they played some of our favorites; Scotland the Brave, Amazing Grace, and my personal favorite, a lively arrangement of Pachelbel's Canon. Imagine Canon with bagpipes, drums, brass, guitar and a fiddle; it seems a little strange but was quite beautiful. (We have the cd if anyone would like to listen.)


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A hug from Washington...

Hi Everyone,

Emma just wanted to give you all a hug.

Love, Carrie

Friday, March 9, 2007

Twin Sisters

The Twin Sisters were a famous California Trail landmark on the southern side of the City of Rocks. This area is 30 miles or so ("as the crow flies") north of the Golden Spike site. A stage coach station was established near here where coaches from Kelton, Utah stopped on their way to Oregon and Idaho before the railroad went to those places. Kelton, now a ghost town (at best) was a thriving railroad stop with hotels, stores, churches, etc. in the 1870s and 1880s.

Holed Up

Here's Ethan, Spencer, Kimberly and Amanda all holed up.

Climbing Around

Spencer and Anna
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The Old Indian Head

This great rock can be seen from its WSW side. The old Indian is looking up at the Twin Sisters (not Amanda and Kim).

Saturday Feb 24 at City of Rocks

Amanda and Kimberly taking a look around. Two heads are better than none.

Iantha and I had Linda and Steve's kids for part of a weekend recently, so we took them to the City of Rocks on the Idaho / Utah border. Had a fine day, cold, but fair weather.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Correction on Mystery Date Revealed!

Things may have been premature. Luke & Lindsay are getting married on the 13th of July, not the 14th as previously announced. They changed their mind about the date, that's all.