Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Wedding

Since Luke has not announced it here, he and Lindsay Larson are getting married on the 14th of July in Seattle.

They met in seminary in high school, dated a few times, and then she moved with her family to Michigan, and later to San Diego. She graduates from BYU this spring, and she and Luke are trying to figure out where Luke will go next to finish his schooling. For the record, he is attending the community college up here online, while actually living in Provo so he and Lindsay can be in the same state together for a change. He's applied to a number of different schools for the fall, so we'll have to see where they end up.

As parents, we are pretty excited about it. Well get you more details as soon as they think them up!

Good looking bowling kids, Robert. We keep working on trying to get more grandkids, but we seem to be stuck on one. Not that we are at all unhappy with the one.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007


People still bowl?

Anyway, just wanted to post an alert to set aside July 13th or 14th for a very important event. More to follow.

anonymous folkman

Monday, February 12, 2007

Bowling Night in Brigham City Feb 9, 2007

Last Friday was bowling night in Brigham City for 9 of the 10 Bob and Iantha Grandkids. We had a great time.

For the record, posted by Robert.

For those unfamiliar, back row, left to right:
Zach the strong (9th grade) (Mary and Troy)
Kimberly (9th grade) (Linda and Steve)
Amanda (10th grade)(Linda and Steve)
Slick (aka Joshua) (Mary and Troy)
Middle row, sort of:
Spencer (blue plaid shirt)(Linda and Steve)
Front row:
Ethan the shy (Linda and Steve)
Sophie (Mary and Troy)
Anna (Linda and Steve)
Michael the unshy (brown shirt)(Mary and Troy)